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so_welsh's Journal

Gwen Cooper [AU]
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I had a god job before this, I thought in a year or two perhaps a baby, I know Rhys would be a good dad and I could try for desk sargent an...well it was all slotting into place. And then I met you lot. All these things, all these things that change in me, changing how I see the world. I can't share them with anyone.

Gwen Cooper is a former police officer recruited into the Torchwood Institute.

Gwen Cooper is a police constable in Cardiff who is called in on a murder scene only to encounter a mysterious team of individuals known only as "Torchwood". To satisfy her own curiousity (especially after witnessing the killing of a hospital porter by a Weevil), she tracks down the team and discovers the truth behind the organisation (Everything Changes).

Despite having her memory wiped by the team leader, Jack Harkness, Gwen manages to leave a reminder to herself to remember and ends up exposing the murderer, Suzie Costello, Jack's second-in-command. When Suzie commits suicide, Jack offers Gwen a position with Torchwood and she accepts.

Gwen lives with her boyfriend, Rhys Williams, who is a transport manager. He believes any alleged alien interference with Earth over the past two years are actually mass hallucinations caused by terrorists putting psychotropic drugs in the water supply, a theory Jack derides as stupid.

Before she dated Rhys, she was going out with a Bruce, and Owen speculates she simply settled for Rhys. It has also been confirmed in an interview with the The Times that Gwen will have an affair with a member of the Torchwood team, as she cannot share her experiences at Torchwood with Rhys even though she does care for him. The other members of the Torchwood team are surprised by the fact that Gwen has a boyfriend as none of them are in a serious relationship themselves, having become so engrossed in their jobs.

After her affair with Owen, Gwen started to realize that Rhys wasn't the man for her, and that her heart belonged to another. Her boss, Jack Harkness. Over the next few months Gwen and Jack became lovers and started a relationship, and Gwen spend more time asleep in Jack's arms at the Hub than she did in her own apartment.

This journal will contain adult themes. Do Not read if under 18.

I do not own Gwen, or any of the Torchwood team. RTD and the BBC do, I am borrowing them.

This journal will contain spoilers

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